Creating a smarter building system: Design of a prefabricated envelope system for cross laminated timber

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    Fell, Emma
    Marriage, Guy
    Sweet, Kevin
    Kremer, Dr. Paul
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Construction and Technology
    Conference Papers


Cross- Laminated Timber (CLT) is a contemporary engineered panelised wood product and its use in construction globally is growing due to various benefits. The aim of this research is to design, develop and create a prefabricated envelope system for mass timber construction using CLT. The research capitalises on customisable building panels as they can be fabricated off-site. The design of a prefabricated envelope system is seen as the next frontier in productivity gains.
The prefabricated system is designed iteratively and developed using parametric based CAD software (Computer Aided Design). CAD software facilitates the creation of a prefabricated envelope system for Mass Timber Construction (MTC) by establishing geometric relationships that respond to the unique nature of any construction site. The prefabricated envelope system is devised of proprietary joints specific to different types of cladding and unique environmental conditions. The exploration process includes fabricating the iterative schemes to test joint and hinge movement at the correct scale. The final designed envelope system can be optimised and fabricated off-site, delivered to the site, and erected quickly without need for scaffolding. The design and process results in an immense reduction of overall construction time and costs.


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