Consolidating construction loads: A future pathway to sustainability?

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    Dhawan, Kamal
    Tookey, John E.
    GhaffarianHoseini, Ali
    GhaffarianHoseini, Amirhosein
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Thinking and Innovation


The New Zealand construction sector responds comparatively slowly to modern business and management philosophies, owing to its geographical isolation. The sector faces multifarious challenges, inter alia, skill shortages, poor productivity, uptake of current construction methods, insufficient knowledge sharing and collaboration, fragmentation, and limited Research and Development. Notable governmental efforts to achieve sector transformation include Construction Sector Accord (2019) and Construction Sector Transformation Plan (2020). A resultant long-term initiative is a NZ$ 2.4bn contract between Watercare and their supply chain partners, for capital water works delivery across Auckland, over 10 years; a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC) proposed as a logistics solution. Though collaborative delivery and CCCs have been researched in in Europe, Continental America, and Australia, New Zealand is an exception. The specific geography of Auckland and associated logistical planning constraints create a unique contextual research opportunity for adding significant value to the wider corpus of construction logistics understanding in New Zealand. The paper aims to define a research direction in the domain of applying Supply Chain Management principles to the New Zealand construction sector by investigating the employment of a CCC in a collaborative environment as an infrastructure project delivery vehicle with sustainability leanings.

Keywords: Construction Consolidation Centre; Sustainability; Collaborative Delivery; Logistics.


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