Conceptual Shift from Green Homes to Sustainable Homes: Case Studies from Malaysia

  • YEAR
    Rashid, Fahanim Abdul
    Ismail, Muhammad Azzam
    Prasad, Deo
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: As part of the climate change mitigation strategy, the creation of green homes has
created awareness of the plight of the environment and the need to alter our lifestyles. Although this is
a great step in the right direction, green homes are often conceptually inadequate in addressing the
overarching principles of sustainability. In order to achieve sustainability, houses should be made to
perform a role along the lines of Cole’s ‘Sustainable Building Criteria’. This set of considerations is the
backdrop to the four case studies from Malaysia – namely CETDEM’s Demonstration Cool and Energy
Efficient House in Petaling Jaya that represents retrofitting existing houses; a private bungalow in
Semenyih that was built using the Smart and Cool Home technology; a private bungalow in Melaka that
uses the Cooltek system; and the traditional Malay house that typifies the cultural response to living in
the hot and humid climate and the unique Malay society. Each case study is reviewed against Cole’s
‘Sustainable Building Criteria’ and the findings are reported in this paper. The findings are used to
judge whether the case studies are indeed green buildings that can support sustainable ways of life, or
whether Cole’s ‘Sustainable Building Criteria’ should be more pragmatic according to the context.


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