Computer-driven report writing: rapid reporting of environmental conditions

  • YEAR
    Schwede, Dirk A
    2007 Conference Papers
    Effective tools: design, assessment, operation


ABSTRACT: A measurement campaign for multidimensional diagnostics of indoor environmental quality
(thermal, visual, aural, indoor air quality) in office environments, conducted by the Mobile Architecture and
Built Environment Laboratory (MABEL) at Deakin University generates a vast amount of data. This data is
saved in over 400 separate files with diverse files formats, time stamp formats and column separator
types. The data files require processing in order to retrieve the information contained. Data handling and
processing and report generation is time consuming, expensive and error-prone. Therefore, the generated
database is usually not analysed completely and the full benefit of such comprehensive and expensive
environmental measurement effort is not realized. This paper presents a computational system developed
to support the evaluation of environments based on measurement through rapid reporting of measured
environmental conditions, and critically reviews its development and its application to recent MABEL


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