Comparison of the Energy Performance of a Building with Double Skin Facade and Green Wall

    Liu, Yanru
    Buildings and energy


Double Skin Fa&ccedil ade system and Green Wall system are two fa&ccedil ade techniques that have the potential to improve indoor thermal performance and reduce the energy consumption of a building. Studies have been done in both areas, but no research has been conducted in comparing the performance of Double Skin Fa&ccedil ade and Green Wall, even though both fa&ccedil ade techniques have been applied (mostly) in commercial building for years. This research compared the performance of a simple designed office building implementing Double Skin Facade and Green Wall respectively based on simulation results which are carried out using the simulation program EnergyPlus. The comparison focuses on cooling, heating, lighting, and total energy consumption of the building by implementing each fa&ccedil ade technique on four orientations during summer design week and winter design week as well as the whole year. The results show that the building with Green Wall is potentially able to reduce more energy consumption and has better thermal performance than the building with Double Skin Fa&ccedil ade under most scenarios.

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