COMPARATIVE/COLLABORATIVE: A teaching methodology for Architectural Design Studio: the need for a comprehensive technical background from concept to detail

  • YEAR
    Madeo, Francesca
    Novi, Fausto
    Piccardo, Chiara
    2013 Conference Papers
    Design Education & Design Research


The paper presents an investigation of teaching technique for Architectural Design Studio as part of an Architecture programme. The aim of the Instructors is to guide the students towards a design approach which embodies the constructive feasibility of the proposed ideas from concept through to detail design (and till to an actual construction). Students are taught to develop their design as a ‘problem-solving’ exercise, bearing in mind that creativity cannot disregard feasibility and technique in any stage. Two Architectural Design Studios from the School of Architecture at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Faculty of Architecture of Genova (Italy) have applied independently this methodology during the past Academic Year (2012-13) and for a number of previous years. However an opportunity of comparison of the results achieved by each studio and of working together happened in an interchange design workshop hosted by the School of Genova, in June 2013. The paper describes the basics of the teaching methodology, outputs from the design exercises and a selection of projects from the summer workshops. It attempts to address the question of whether this teaching methodology can be successful in any School of Architecture, regardless of the context and background of the University.


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