Comparative testing of BQEET (Building Quick Energy Estimation Tool), that quantifies the reduction in cooling energy due to passive strategies for 59 Indian cities

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    Pathella, Sanchi
    Vaidya, Prasad
    Desai, Arjun
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
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This paper summarizes the testing of BQEET, a python-based simulation tool that provides
results of passive cooling strategies, for predesign and policy analysis. BQEET calculates the annual
cooling energy reduction due to the passive strategies of comfort cooling, night flush cooling and
evaporative cooling. Only few analytical tools that are easy to use for architects and policymakers,
estimate the impact of passive cooling strategies on energy consumption. An earlier study showing the
limited testing of BQEET found agreement with EnergyPlus results. This paper uses rigorous testing
procedures, starting with the HERS BESTEST models of typical US buildings, and modifying them using
reference building models for the Indian context of mixed mode buildings and adaptive thermal
comfort. BQEET results for the developed cases, are compared with simulations in EnergyPlus. The
lighting and equipment energy of BQEET was similar to EnergyPlus, but the cooling energy was 400%
higher than that of EnergyPlus. The sequential elimination of individual loads helped identify the
algorithms in BQEET that need to be changed for improved accuracy.

Keywords: Comparative testing; HERS BESTEST; simplified simulation tool; reference building models for


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