Commercial building façade design: the relationship between early design lessons and detailed design lessons

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    Hsu, Chi-Yao
    Donn, Michael
    2009 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This study uses high performance heavily glazed façades (developed by architects and engineers) for a real commercial building to examine the relationship between COMFEN’s early design lessons (single-zone simulations) and the detailed design lessons (multi-zone simulations) derived from use of Energy Plus. The hypothesis tested is that the COMFEN-based decisions which are derived from computer simulation of single-zone performance ‘sketches’ of the proposed building are consistent with the multi-zone simulations in the full version of Energy Plus. The result of using COMFEN and Energy Plus often, but not always produces predictions of energy performance that are consistent across different scenarios. This analysis suggests that early design tools like COMFEN need to be used with care to ensure a design message that is consistent with the predictions of a detailed design model. At present they could potentially mislead architects during the early design stage.


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