CODING SHAPE GRAMMARS: Hints for generating a parametric design tool for large-scale urban renewal projects

  • YEAR
    Aydin, Serdar
    2013 Conference Papers
    Generative, Parametric & Evolutionary Architecture


Rapid changes caused by large-scale urban projects stimulate sacrificing the existing urban forms that are already entailed to the culture and identity of local. One of the reasons is because maintain-ing basic-formal structures in local terms that the citizens could identi-fy with is an arduous undertaking with conventional urban design techniques. Shape Grammars are a favourable formal endeavour to figure out this phenomenon. Enhanced with the capability of an algo-rithmic optimisation search engine to achieve specified design goals, a shape grammar with parametric capabilities is most likely to provide the flexibility demanded in urban design. The computational combination of Shape Grammars with algorithmic optimisation is to produce analytical, generative as well as malleable responds to the dynamism involved in large-scale urban projects. This paper initially talks about the workflow and structure of the urban design strategy of Shape Grammars. Later does it inform Processing programming language for a shape grammarist.



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