‘Closing the loop’: exploring the link between the design brief and post occupancy evaluation to improve sustainable design

  • YEAR
    Hyde, Richard
    Davidson, James
    2006 Conference Papers
    Building Case Studies


ABSTRACT: The aim of the paper is to examine the linkages between the design brief and the
environmental outcomes of a project that uses POE methodology. A case study method will be used to
examine to what extent the design brief plays a role in creating positive environmental outcomes. This
case study approach will promote a new briefing model that links all stages in the design process, from
pre-design consultation to the post-occupancy evaluation of the final building. Briefing is a pre-design
documentation process for building design, which at present mostly ignores environmental issues. This
paper examines the process used to analyse and develop the framework for the Environmental Brief for
an innovative environmentally sustainable building in the Lark Quarry Museum. Such a framework can
assist the transformation of the building industry to Ecologically Sustainable Design practice. The paper
presents discussions with the designers and clients of Lark Quarry Museum, Winton, Queensland,
concerning the design intent of the building, together with an evaluation of the extent to which the
building process has addressed this intent.


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