Climatic design of the traditional Malay house to meet the requirements of modern living

  • YEAR
    Kamal, Kamarul Syahril
    Wahab, Lilawati Abdul
    Ahmad, Asmalia Che
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architecture and the environment


ABSTRACT: Repeated calls for a distinct tropical architecture are being made based on the simple
reason that the weather in tropical countries, such as Malaysia, is vastly different from that of countries
in Europe and North America where the majority of today’s architectural innovations and movements
originate. Until the advent of air conditioning, all buildings in Malaysia has been designed with
particular regard to local tropical climatic conditions. With greater global awareness of the environment
and a renewed perspective on contemporary Malaysian architecture, architects are once again looking
for tropical solutions in building design. One of the main characteristics of vernacular houses is that
they are designed with a deep understanding and respect for nature, but this design-with-nature
approach is no longer found in the modern houses. This paper intends merely to focus on various ways
in which the traditional Malay house can be easily adapted and improved to meet the requirements of
modern living because the traditional Malay house is best reflected by the climatic design of the house
itself. The traditional Malay house is an important source for the creation of a Malaysian identity in
architecture because it reflects and expresses the way of life of its users


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