Climate change adaptation in New Zealand’s building sector

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    Thi Phuong Bui, Thao
    Wilkinson, Suzanne
    Domingo, Niluka
    2020 Conference Papers
    Carbon Reduction in Built Environments
    Conference Papers


Climate change is one of the major issues facing all countries and calls for a top-priority universal response from all sectors. The building sector plays a significant role in adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Researchers have aimed to assess the building sector’s knowledge, development, technology in transiting to a low carbon built environment, and the awareness and capacity to adjust to climate change impacts. This paper explores the climate change implications for the New Zealand’s building sector and examine how the sector currently adapts to climate change, using a literature review. Initial findings suggest that changes in temperature and extreme weather events are the key factors affecting the building sector, and adaptation actions are occurring predominantly at a city and neighbourhood level rather than the individual building level. More climate change adaptation actions needed require not only an urgent, joined-up and effective response across all levels of government but also industry engagement. The building sector should act in both minimising the climate change effects on buildings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the individual building level. Future in-depth research should emphasise more on the future actions to mitigate climate change effects for the entire building stock.

Keywords: Climate change, adaptation, building sector, New Zealand


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