Built pedagogy and architectural design in the architecture library of the Melbourne School of Design

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    Gardiner, Blair
    Charing, Sarah
    Mullumby, Naomi
    Kealy, Karen
    2015 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Design Education and Design Research


The Melbourne School of Design (MSD) located at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus aspires to be a ‘pedagogical building’, with built-pedagogy a driving aspiration behind its design and construction. This paper reviews one programmatic component of the building, the library, and how notions of built-pedagogy were interpreted by the user-group and the project design and management team in the design of the library as one of the key learning spaces in the building. It investigates the nature of current thinking about tertiary education learning spaces and their design from the perspective of those tasked with delivering the Architecture Building and Planning Library as a response to the understanding of built pedagogy developed by the design team, project managers, and library management. It suggests that the notion of built pedagogy contains multiple interpretations, influenced by current tertiary education shifts towards student-centred pedagogic practice, consideration of campus spaces within their social settings and the facility for buildings to engage as reference exemplars in teaching and learning which is generating opportunities for campus-centred student experience within increasing availability of online and digitally enabled education.


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