Buildings and sustainable cities – a study of the colonial buildings in Guwahati city

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    Saikia, Madhurai
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Urban design


The paper is based on the study of the re-use of colonial buildings for maintaining the sustainable growth of the city of Guwahati. The primary concern for Guwahati today is her horizontal and vertical growth (both features of urbanisation) which is challenging the very existence of the erstwhile colonial buildings. These buildings of yesteryears with their beautiful architectural style are the last vestiges of the British colonisers in todays’ urban landscape. To meet these challenges of urbanisation, the paper takes the example of a colonial building and aim to study it through the “credibility” approach of UNESCO. The interest of the public towards the various facets of heritage resources is documented through the civic engagement tool. The history of the building in its past and present condition has been recorded through the Knowledge and Planning tool. Therefore, compatibility of urban heritage and development Programmes is advocated through this study.

Keywords: Urbanization; Sustainability; Architecture; Cultural- Landscape


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