Building intelligence: mapping socio/spatial activity for ambient visualisation and sonification in sensate spaces

  • YEAR
    Beilharz, Kirsty
    2004 Conference Papers
    Computers and architecture


ABSTRACT: Building intelligence is the result of a responsive feedback loop in which buildings have
the capacity to sense information and transform that data into a meaningful representation for its users.
Sensate spaces are responsive environments enabled by embedded sensor technologies. This paper
explores the application of data from sensate spaces to generate ambient visualisation and sonification
to create an informative display reflecting the social and spatial activities of its occupants. Much
attention has been given to designing those innovative materials, embedded sensors and intelligent
furnishings capable of capturing data derived from human behaviours and interaction. This paper
provides a strategy for representing the data gathered from sensors embedded in the fabric of
buildings in a socially reflective and informative generative design. Preliminary discussion explains
current sensate technologies and the ways in which building intelligence is augmented. Active
(performative) and passive (embedded) sensor technologies are compared, regarding expediency for
capturing data in buildings. Considerations are presented for mapping data to a representation that can
be easily understood and aesthetically sustainable in human-centred building innovation and ambient


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