Bridging the gap: energy efficiency improvements for rental properties

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    Wrigley, Koel
    Crawford, Robert H
    2015 Conference Papers
    Buildings and Energy
    Conference Papers


World leaders have acknowledged that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century and have committed to limit warming to within two degrees Celsius. To do this, energy efficiency needs to be improved across all sectors. However, researchers have identified that there is a large gap between what is occurring and what can be done in regards to energy efficiency. Rental properties, in particular, have seen very few improvements in energy efficiency due to a range of barriers including misinformation, split incentives and an uneven power dynamic between renters and landlords. This is important because not only do rental properties account for 25 percent of the Australian housing stock, the high proportion of low income households in rental properties are particularly vulnerable to rising energy prices. This research aimed to identify feasible solutions for overcoming the barriers to energy efficiency improvements in rental properties in Victoria, Australia.


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