BOSSA – Buildings Occupants Survey System Australia

    de Dear, Richard
    Thomas, Leena
    Kim, Jungsoo
    Parkinson, Thomas
    Architecture and the environment


Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is a process that allows designers, developers, owners, operators and tenants to objectively identify dysfunctional building services and design features, and highlight successful design. There is a need for an Australian POE instrument developed for Australian designers, building managers and researchers. The Building Occupants Survey System Australia – BOSSA – will provide for the first time, an Australian developed POE instrument, being a credible and more accessible Australian alternative to US and UK systems currently in use. The resultant database will serve as a renewable resource fostering the POE research field in Australia. Several POE questionnaires have been developed in various parts of the world, but probably the two best known are BUS in the UK, and CBE in the USA. These are currently the only two officially accredited POE instruments within the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for commercial buildings. Unfortunately the BUS and CBE post-occupancy feedback questionnaires have evolved from UK and US office cultures and as a result, are less relevant to Australian building owners’ needs. Furthermore, the UK and US databases are not accessible to Australian building science researchers, even though several Australian buildings have contributed their POE questionnaire data. But the most significant shortcoming of current generation POE systems is that they are largely descriptive, and are unable to specifically explain why a building’s POE scores look the way they do, because no objective IEQ instrumental measurements were recorded alongside the POE questionnaires. Furthermore, the research potential of current generation POE benchmarking databases remains limited because scant details of building services and design features (building metrics) get recorded at the time of the POE. The overall aim of this BOSSA project is to develop a building performance evaluation process that will grow into an Australian database that will be used to underpin an ongoing program of IEQ research specifically for Australian commercial buildings and their occupants.

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