BIM-plementation: a new model for collaborative design.

  • YEAR
    Kelly, Steve
    2011 Conference Papers
    Design Education


The growth of BIM technologies and their uptake within the AEC industry presents a new
context within which to consider opportunities for collaboration. This extends the idea of ‘collaboration’
as a closer relationship, cooperation and coordination between disciplines and consultants to improve
efficiencies and reduce repetition.

The industry is currently evaluating the potential advantages of collaborative modelling in the early
stages of BIM acceptance and identifies new issues resulting as a consequence of centralisation of the
model. Several of these issues parallel the scholastic impasse of student participation and the question
of authorship.

This paper will present a case study identifying attempts to develop design efficiencies within the AEC
industry and describe research into new design teaching models. It will address the question of how
design education might adapt or respond to new professional models of collaboration.


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