BIM is Easier Said than Done: Calibrating Architectural Education in New Zealand to the Opportunities of BIM

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    Bailey, Rohan
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Practice, Education & Profession


Creating, manipulating, sharing and appraising building information through digital 3D models
is one of the most extensive paradigm shifts to have occurred in contemporary architectural practice.
Despite the promise of BIM, documented instances of its success and endorsement by governments, the
architectural profession has been slow to assimilate BIM into practice. This paper will argue that the
nature of the virtual building challenges the architectural designer to reconsider attitudes towards
representation and literal engagement with the digital model. In response to this, this paper examines the
expectations of the AEC industry regarding BIM and questions the preparation of architectural graduates
to meet this challenge. The paper reports on a focus group of recent graduates that confirm the current
lack of exposure to BIM in schools. An approach to addressing this deficiency in the design studio is offered
and a way forward for the profession to take its place in the future with BIM. It should be noted that the
views reflected in this paper is that of the author only and does not necessarily represent the views of
Studio of Pacific Architecture.


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