BEEP: building energy end-use study, preliminary study report

  • YEAR
    Arnold, Patrick
    Donn, Michael
    2004 Conference Papers
    Architecture and the environment


ABSTRACT: This paper summarises one of the preliminary stages of a Building Energy End-use
Project carried out at the Victoria University of Wellington, School of Architecture and Design. It is a
pilot study for an investigation of the end uses of energy in non-residential buildings. The full study has
been scoped as a combination of data derived from National Energy Statistics, National Statistics on
building size, the Database of Energy Audits maintained by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Authority (EECA) and detailed monitoring studies of end uses of energy in a few carefully selected
buildings. The goal of the work described here was to determine how monitored data might supplement
the information derived from energy audit information of the type held in EECA’s database. A small
section of the building was monitored to investigate the nature of the data gained. The results of the
small scale study were also extrapolated to explore the likely outcomes of monitoring at full scale level.
It was determined that in-depth monitoring needn’t be carried out on a full scale basis, but should be
used to answer questions arising from energy audits and PROBE studies.


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