Bedroom and Room Standards and Large Housing in New Zealand

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    Khajehzadeh, Iman
    Vale, Brenda
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


In most developed countries censuses and crowding indices measure house size in terms of
number rooms or bedrooms, even though the average house size varies in different countries. According
to Statistics New Zealand and studies by BRANZ, recently New Zealand houses have changed both in terms
of overall floor area and types of rooms. A floor plan study of 287 New Zealand houses revealed new
houses have many specialized rooms and normal room types (sleeping bedrooms, living rooms) are bigger.
Though bathrooms/laundries are never counted as habitable rooms, some in new houses are exceed the
size of a bedroom in a 3‐bedroom New Zealand state house. The study also shows the floor area of a 3
bedroom house in New Zealand varies from 79‐225m2, thereby questioning whether using number of
bedrooms could be underestimating house size in New Zealand and other developed countries. This paper
uses evidence to propose that censuses and crowding indices need more complicated tools for predicting
house size and discusses the form these might take.


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