Augmented Geelong: Digital technologies as a tool for place – A case of regional town of Geelong

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    Rashid, Md Mizanur
    Khoo, Chin Koi
    Pancholi, Surabhi
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


To address global competitiveness, contemporary cities are investing into creating and establishing a unique brand identity by revitalisation and resurrection of the past using heritage structures that sets them apart from other locations. In this context, application of digital technologies has unravelled new opportunities in terms of augmenting the experience of space. However, despite their increasing application for branding purposes, there still exist few key questions to be explored in depth: How to define the role and significance of digital technologies such as augmented reality (AR) platforms as a place making tool for developing an informed and inclusive community? What are the key opportunities and challenges in the process of integration of digital resurrection of lost heritage structures aimed at facilitating place making? This design research sets out to address these questions by an initial investigation for the digital resurrection of the industrial past in the regional Geelong. This design-based research develops an early AR platform and applies qualitative methodology for the analysis of data collected from questionnaire surveys from two public workshops based on the applications of the proposed AR platform as showreel and initial AR model. The findings of this paper will provide valuable insights for local and regional decision-making in terms of opportunities and challenges in integrating AR for past resurrection of current heritage structures for developing a sense of place. This outcome introduces a novel way to comprehend digital technologies as a key tool for facilitating place making in developing communities that are inclusive and informed.

Keywords: Digital narrative; Reconstruction; Memory; Placemaking.


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