Assessing the impact of courtyard in built environment of warm humid climate of Trichy

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    Shanmugga, Rani A
    Kannamma, D.
    2019 Conference Papers
    Building Performance Evaluation
    Conference Papers


Due to rapid urbanisation, there is tremendous increase in global warming which has forced
architects to design spaces that are ambient to users with strategies that are climate responsive.
Particular to the Climatic comfort in buildings of tropical context are very much influenced by their
sensitivity towards thermal conditions. The design of buildings is based on spatial organization specific
to its need. There are many classifications of spaces in building design of which ‘ COURTYARDS’ are
unique, specifically in designing a building that is climatically responsive. This study tries to understand the impact of courtyard geometry towards thermal comfort of occupants in an institutional building that is located in the warm humid climate of Tiruchirappalli. The geometry of the courtyard was analysed by studying the shadow pattern and through field measurements of surfaces for specific time period. This study was carried on with the hypothesis that the shadow of the building plays a major role in modifying the temperature of courtyard spaces in the building, but the study suggested that the influence caused by the courtyard geometry was negligible as the impact of the shadow on temperature reduction was less.

Keywords: Climate; Thermal Comfort; Shadow Pattern; Courtyard Geometry.


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