Assessing Design Value systems: fragmentation, competition, and crisis in a global industry

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    Raisbeck, Peter
    Putra, Yvette
    Chevez, Agustin
    2018 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science: Architecture, Design and Environment
    Conference Papers


Measuring Design Value has always been a difficult task for architects. This paper begins to describe the landscape of design value tools currently utilised across the globe. Inherent in assessing design value are questions of its definition, measurability, and implementation. The identification of factors which contribute to design value includes economic, environmental, and cultural factors. Rather than seeking, or highlighting a single Design Value methodology— as so-called silver bullet—this paper provides an overview and a critique of the global industry that surrounds different notions of Design Value. This overview is by no means exhaustive. This is the paper’s principal aim. Predominant and well known value frameworks and rating tools are identified, critiqued and summarised. These frameworks include CABE in the UK, The DQI, Leesman and multiple frameworks associated with Sustainability, Green Rating Systems and Post Occupancy Evaluation are surveyed. A number of policy frameworks developed by Australian Government architects are also discussed. The paper contends that the global industry that surrounds all these frameworks is highly fragmented, contested and competitive. This viewpoint arises because Design Value is not a fixed construct that cannot be easily templated and isolated from socio-technical contexts.


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