Architecture, ethics, and the theory of responsive cohesion

  • YEAR
    Fox, Warwick
    2006 Conference Papers
    The Education of Future Architects


ABSTRACT: Although architecture tends to be thought of primarily in aesthetic terms, it is in fact
pervaded by profoundly ethical concerns. I outline the fledgling field of architecture ethics, proceed to
outline the basic structure of ethics (i.e., the architecture of ethics, if you like), and then consider how
the main approaches to ethics might be used to address the main categories of ethical concerns that
arise when we consider the practice of architecture. In doing this I pay particular attention to a
category that presents a unique challenge for ethics as it has developed to date – a category that I
refer to as that of design fit – and present a new kind of approach to ethics, which I refer to as the
theory of responsive cohesion, that enables us to address the design fit question (and a great many
others besides).


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