Architectural science, creative design and professional expertise

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    Onsman, Andrys
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Education
    Conference Papers


Steven Szokolay acknowledged that some academics consider the term architectural science to be oxymoronic. This paper argues that it is a suggestion worth investigation in terms of how architectural education is to be conceptualised as a future focused program. The notion that the science-based aspects of architecture might profitably be made distinct from other aspects of the profession suggests a constructivist perspective of how architecture ought to be taught. It assumes that architecture is best learnt as an ordered progression through a logically arranged set of subjects, the completion of which will ensure the knowledge and skills the profession expects. As we approach the second quarter of the twenty first century, such isolationist view of domains of practice are increasingly considered to be inappropriate in a profession wherein declarative knowledge is ubiquitous and readily assessable but innovation and creative ideas are few and far between – regardless of the fact that architectural practice ties its reputation to the latter.


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