Architectural science and student-centred learning

  • YEAR
    Demirbilek, Nur
    Demirbilek, Oya
    2007 Conference Papers
    Built Environment


Abstract: The curricula of architectural schools consist of various types of teaching as design studios
and supporting subjects, contextual/technology oriented design studios, or integration of these topics to
design studio teaching. The present paper reviews insights from the theoretical literature on research
into students’ learning experiences. Deep and surface learning approaches are discussed, as well as
the student-centred learning approach in design studios. The paper also aims to present and discuss
the experience gained through the authors’ teaching practice, especially through student engagement
in learning. During the past decade, technology and science units have been carried out harmoniously
with the design studio, providing an opportunity to support the design process, taking some pressure off
the workload of the design project by providing solutions to some of the technical issues separately, yet
in synchronization. Exercises and assignments have been organized in the form of hands-on
applications or by the use of computer software, in accordance with the design project criteria. In this
way, students see, touch, feel, or try to experiment various solutions.


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