Architectural science and national master specification systems

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    Gelder, John
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Assessments
    Conference Papers


Those researching the science of construction Products, Systems, Elements, Spaces, Entities and Complexes may wonder how best to deliver their findings to designers and builders. One such route is through national master specification systems (NMSS). Designers creating project specifications typically use NMSS as an aid in this process. The best of these systems are comprehensive, consistent, current, structured and editable, include guidance, are delivered in object-oriented databases, can form part of the built-environment information model (BIM), are discipline- and sector-neutral, and serve more than the construction phase of the project timeline. Such systems are intended to facilitate the sound and efficient specification of project requirements, potentially from a project’s inception to its eventual demolition and beyond. Architectural science informs many of the choices offered in the specification system text, much of the content of the guidance, the selection of many of the links provided to external information from the NMSS, and the content of much of that external information. This is illustrated in NBS Create, a national master specification system published by RIBA Enterprises in the UK, which meets the criteria mentioned.


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