AR enabled informative design to plan site layouts

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    Singh, Abhishek Raj
    Kumar Delhi, Venkata Santosh
    2020 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Digital Architecture, BIM & City Information Modelling (CIM)


The site layout plan is an informative design document used to represent space. It often lacks in delivering the embedded information. This drawback is attributed to the 2D representation of the 3D site objects and surroundings. A little transformation has happened in the construction industry form representing the site space on 2D drawings to 3D digital models utilizing building information modelling (BIM). The adoption of BIM has revolutionized certain phases of construction projects but has affected the planning in a minimalistic way. This study proposes a method of informative design to improve the process of layout planning. To achieve this goal, an approach is developed utilizing BIM and a gaming engine to integrate the missing information from 2D drawings to 3D digital models. The developed approach demonstrates an augmented reality (AR) integrated framework, intended to aid construction planners involved in the task of layout planning to plan with informative annotations. These annotations are primarily targeted to depict values of modelled cost objectives. The utilization of informative design enabled with AR, resulted out to be promising in terms of evidence-based decision making and effortless design communication. Future work includes refining and verifying application on real-life projects.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, Layout planning, Design communication, Building Information Modelling


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