Approach Towards Building Façade Design from the Perspectives of Louis I Kahn

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    Vaid, Shubhi
    Kumar, Gireendra
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Façade Design


Louis I Kahn spent his entire career in need to find an ‘order’ that could bring silence into the light.
His buildings characterized the quality of timelessness while embracing silence and light. This paper mainly focuses on the theories given by Louis I Kahn and how those can be interpreted and implemented in the present context of building facade design. He said, “Architecture is an art you can walk around and be in.” He wanted to create monumental spaces with the essence of spirituality and function. Kahn was considered ‘universalist’ and ‘humanist’ in his approach as his works are based on a logical system of theories and relationships between ‘form’,’ ‘structure’, ‘scale’, ‘light’ and ‘shadow’. The unique geometrical abstraction in his façade helped him to create a distinct approach towards building design. The paper explores how various conceptual theories of Kahn are linked to his works especially of the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad (1962-74) and the National Capital Complex in Bangladesh (1962-83).

Keywords: Building facade, Monumentality, Window Opening, Daylight.


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