Apartment Assessment Platform: A Model for Capturing and Comparing Apartment Designs

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    Coorey, Benjamin
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Since 2002, multi residential developments proposals are assessed under the State
Environmental Policy No 65 (SEPP 65) which measures apartment design quality according to nine design
principles. The introduction of the SEPP 65 has improved the quality of apartment designs, however, it
has also introduced the challenge of collecting data and analysis for assessment. Current analysis tools
predominantly assess environmental conditionals and provide analysis results without mechanisms to
store the analytical data in a structured hierarchical format. This paper explores a framework for capturing
apartment designs and associated analytical data in a structured format, allowing a method for
documenting and presenting design analysis in an efficient manner. An initial case study demonstrates
the capture of metrics across a range of spatial and environmental analytics which can be tailored to meet
the SEPP 65 objectives. In addition, the framework allows comparative analysis between apartments,
providing a methodology for Architects and developers to build an intelligence within their portfolio of
designs. Through the structured storage of design plans and analytics, fundamental design questions
about layout, room sizes, daylight, sunlight, natural ventilation and privacy can be assessed as historical
data sets that can provide insights into the success of designs over time.


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