An investigation into the way landscape aesthetic affects healthy behaviour

  • YEAR
    Setyawathi, N P Giri Putri
    Sivam, Alpana
    Karuppannan, Sadasivam
    Susanto, Oggie
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Landscape and Urban Design
    Conference Papers


Modern society is increasingly aware that public health is inextricably linked with the condition of our immediate landscape. Landscape here refers to a combined quality between nature and culture that people see and experience. Exposure to landscapes (natural or built) are considered as one of the key elements of human health, and is closely related to the concept of people’s perception. There is a growing belief that people can achieve a healthier lifestyle by residing and working in regional areas. Unfortunately, little information is available to analyse the relationship between preferences of two landscape settings (i.e., man-made and natural) with healthy behaviours in regional areas. In this paper, people’s preference to four types of landscapes (i.e. natural, community facilities, business and commercial, reserve) are examined, coupled with the way it affects healthy behaviours (i.e. being outdoor, social connectedness and physical activity). It was found that a significant relationship does exist between preference of landscape aesthetic and healthy behaviour choice. Participants held strong preferences towards two types of landscapes namely, community facilities and natural landscape. It was also found that business and commercial landscape was the most preferred landscape for supporting healthy behaviours.


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