An investigation into quality management systems and factors affecting construction productivity: The New Zealand residential construction industry

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    Kirby, Mark
    Rotimi, Funmilayo Ebun
    Naismith, Nicola
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Poor construction productivity is described as a systemic issue globally. In New Zealand (NZ), it is known as a substantial and enduring socio-economic problem. Among the numerous factors, quality is often correlated as a contributory factor to improving construction productivity. However, yet explicitly explored in the NZ residential construction sector as a more comprehensive strategic management approach. Thus, the aim of this study is to provide new insights into strategies for improving construction productivity from a quality management perspective in the NZ residential construction subsector. This preliminary literature review uses a mixture of Q1 and Q2 journals and selected 38 papers using the keywords “construction productivity, improvement, factors, residential construction, and quality management”. A range of papers was chosen to span 40 years in research from the mid-1980s to 2021, with the largest representation of papers within the last 10 years, as the topic became more prolific globally. The preliminary literature review findings highlight that quality management systems are positively linked to improved productivity and further defined the characteristics of quality management systems thought to benefit the NZ residential construction sector. Theoretically, it is hoped that this research makes a valuable contribution to the existing productivity literature.

Keywords: Construction productivity; quality management; management strategies; residential building.


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