AN INNOVATIVE REUSABLE MODULAR SYSTEM FOR STEEL TRUSS STRUCTURES: Technical features, environmental impacts and architectural applications

  • YEAR
    Calderini, Chiara
    Pongiglione, Margherita
    Mongiardino, Bartolomeo
    Traverso, Alessandro
    Brescia, Paolo
    Principi, Tommaso
    2013 Conference Papers
    Construction Material & Technology


In this paper, an innovative steel reticular system (named AJ), dismountable and reusable, is presented. It consists of modular spatial elements made of stainless steel connected by means of special spherical joints. The approach adopted in the design, based on the idea of “reusability”, allows the environmental impact of the system to be reduced. The reuse strategy limits the production of waste from building demolition and reduces the environmental costs in terms of raw materials and energy consumption. Three different applications, developed at different scales, are presented. The first (small scale, related to conservation issues), is an anti-seismic structure in an historical building. The second (large scale, associated with energy issues), is a structure supporting a wind turbine. The third is an urban scale application and concerns sustainable mobility issues; it is a cycle lane designed for the sides of the Thames River in London.



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