An Evaluation of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)

  • YEAR
    Williamson, Terry
    Plaves, Yaara
    Hart, R. Lee
    2007 Conference Papers


Abstract: In January 2003 Amendment 12 to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) included energyefficiency
provisions for Class 1 (detached dwellings) and Class 10 (garages, sheds and the like). In
January 2007 the stringency of the BCA provisions were increased and the second generation rating
tool AccuRate was introduced. There is however little evidence to support the usefulness of the
regulations in meeting the objective “to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently using energy”,
or in simple terms, as described on the NatHERS website, “The more stars, the less likely the
occupants are to need cooling or heating to stay comfortable.”

This paper reports on a recent investigation to assess the effectiveness of the regulations. Energy
consumption data were collected from 22 households in and around Adelaide. From this information
heating and cooling energy use was estimated and compared with the House Energy Rating derived
from the AccuRate software. The results are discussed and conclusions drawn on how a more effective
energy-efficiency building regulation may be framed.


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