Always New Performance Based Design: Ise Shrines as a Model for Future Architecture

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    Jedenov, Kirill
    Pinho, Lara Camilla
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


In Japan, a radical experiment has been going on for more than one thousand years: wooden
structures are built and dismantled every twenty years in an ongoing renewal process without a known
beginning or end. We will look into the Ise shrines not as buildings but as genetic sequences or generative
lines of code. As living organisms that change through time, that… emerge, age, decay, emerge… living
organisms that have an exact understanding of their importance and impact in a much wider system. A
renewable system carefully planned for long term resilience. A large widespread system that expands
through all Japan. A system that has a long term strategy that resists becoming part of other global
systems. A system that trades short term benefits for long term security. A system that changes and
adapts through the years sometimes trying to be forgotten, sometimes trying to be embraced by the
population. Ise in its humble scale and lack of ornamentation is as relevant for our future as it was thirteen
hundred years ago.


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