Alternative housing options for older New Zealanders: the case for a life-cycle study

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    Yavari, Fatemeh
    Vale, Brenda
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science and Design Assessments
    Conference Papers


This paper makes a case for the resource assessment of housing alternatives for an ageing population that could make better use of existing housing in New Zealand. Limited housing choices for older people as well as personal factors have led to a demand for ageing in place. This requires finding effective design solutions for redeveloping the existing housing stock or designing new buildings to achieve a better quality of life, wellbeing and independence for those aged 65+. Research also suggests a considerable proportion of the ageing population live in large houses with two or more spare bedrooms, which implies large houses occupied by small households. Furthermore this age group, often on restricted incomes, does not necessarily maintain or heat these houses as much as needed. This is a potential health issue that can have implications for the national health budget. As a consequence, ways of altering such dwellings require more investigation to find those which have the lowest life-time resource use and are, at the same time, more energy efficient and affordable. This paper outlines a proposed research project to address these issues by undertaking life-cycle resource and cost assessments of design solutions for ageing in place in more suitable accommodation.


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