Agricultural By‐products for the Production of Building Insulation in New Zealand: A first Look

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    Balador, Zahra
    Gjerde, M.
    Isaacs, Nigel
    Whitburn, Sam
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


New Zealand’s increasing population and economic growth is boosting the need for more buildings, and consequently more building materials. Increasing manufacture of building materials leads to the production of greenhouse gases as well as the depletion of finite natural resources. Approaches
that reduce the environmental impact of construction can help achieve long term sustainability. One
approach is the use of natural or recycled materials. Some agricultural by‐products have characteristics similar to materials already used to manufacture insulation and could be an alternative bio‐based solution. Rigorous analysis of the viability of this alternative is needed before such materials can be considered. This paper presents a literature‐based study of technical research and opportunities evident in the New Zealand market.


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