Ageing and streetscape: Linking indicators of healthy ageing with the design of residential urban space

  • YEAR
    Tucker, Chris
    Parkinson, Lynne
    Brewer, Graham
    Landorf, Chris
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: Over the next twenty years, the number of Australians over the age of 65 is expected to
double. Current policy initiatives emphasise ‘ageing in place’ whereby older people are encouraged to
remain in the community, rather than move into institutional care. It is argued that ageing in place
benefits individual health, social cohesion and increasingly, links are being made to the form and
sustainability of our urban environment. This cross-disciplinary paper is a result of collaboration
between researchers in architecture, construction management and population health. The outcomes
of a study, undertaken by the authors, that combined subjective and objective measures of two
residential suburbs within Newcastle (NSW, Australia) are discussed in relation to the links between
the health of the ageing population and urban form; a significant national and international issue that is
now only beginning to be adequately addressed through research. The outcomes of the study show
that there is a relationship between the visual character and urban form of a locality, and the quality of
life of its residents. This relationship also exists at the scale of individual streets, and this is discussed
from the perspective of the potential scenarios for the design of residential urban space for ‘ageing in


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