Aged care provision in Greater Bendigo: current provision and future requirements

  • YEAR
    Toussaint, Craig
    Rollo, John
    2004 Conference Papers
    Social and political issues in architecture


ABSTRACT: In the following paper, ratios which correlate aged care places with physical infrastructure
requirements are developed for the regional Victorian Local Government Area of Greater Bendigo, by
analysing its existing aged care facilities. These ratios are then used in conjunction with the federal
government’s population based measures to model scenarios of future aged care infrastructure
requirements for Greater Bendigo. Strategies for the provision of additional residential aged care
facilities are explored using a matrix governed by size and configuration. Variations in these two
aspects are shown to affect the location options for future facilities in Greater Bendigo.

The research is funded by a double ARC APAI grant between the Built Environment Research Group
at Deakin University, The Centre for Sustainable Regional Centres at La Trobe University, the City of
Greater Bendigo and the City of Warrnambool.


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