Advancing Collaboration between Students of Architecture and Engineering

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    Marriage, Guy
    Gamman, Joe
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Following on from the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission recommendations 163 and
185, various methods are underway to start improving dialogue and collaboration between architecture
students and engineering students in New Zealand. This includes work at all three architecture schools in
New Zealand, the inclusion of an architect in residence at Canterbury University’s School of Engineering,
and most importantly, the Arch‐Eng‐Build workshops held annually by the Cement and Concrete
Association, the Building Research Association and others. The Arch‐Eng‐Build workshops are small scale
and focused on a select group of talented students from each discipline and have been expanded to
include building management students as well. As admirable as the Arch‐Eng‐Build workshops are, the
aims need to be expanded to a wider audience, i.e. all students of architecture and engineering. This paper
explores the way forward for the NZ tertiary education system and makes proposals for further vital
collaboration and integration between the professions.


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