Adoption of water conservation measures in buildings: case study in Johannesburg, South Africa

  • YEAR
    Ozumba, Aghaegbuna
    Aduda, Kenedy
    2015 Conference Papers
    Architecture and Environment
    Conference Papers


The paper presents a study on adoption of water conservation measures in buildings in the
Johannesburg area of South Africa. The study is a follow up to an initial pilot on water use policies, availability of water conservation technologies for buildings and the nature of their dispersal. A review of relevant conservation measures and the initial pilot formed basis for further investigations into the adoption of water conservation in buildings. A case study approach implemented through a building science class project was used to collect data on 20 multi-story facilities of various occupancy types. The data scope was kept at a manageable level, being envisioned as another pilot. Identified levels of adoption suggest an appreciably growing awareness of conservation measures but an absence of structured introduction of such measures in buildings. There were indications of non-adoption, despite cost implications of current wet services. Identified constraints include lack of awareness, cost and possible lack of management support in some areas.


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