Adaptive Thermal Comfort for Naturally Ventilated Buildings through Building Envelope Retrofitting

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    Sharma, Aanchal
    Chani, P.S.
    2019 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers
    Fa├žade Design


Thermal discomfort has a huge implication on the energy consumption of a building and in case of naturally ventilated buildings it becomes a challenging task to achieve. Indian subcontinent has a plethora of naturally ventilated buildings and is surviving for desired thermal comfort under the
pressure of changing climate. Attaining desired thermal comfort without much mechanical intervention
is a curious subject of study for the architects. In this light, a filed survey of 4 naturally ventilated
buildings was conducted and a simulation arrangement was established to understand their thermal
behaviour as per adaptive comfort standard by ANSI ASHRAE Standard 55-2004. Thereafter, the effect of
retrofitting the building envelope on operative temperature was simulated and analyzed. This paper
presents the findings of the thermal comfort analysis for existing and retrofitted scenario as per the
ANSI ASHRAE Standard 55-2004.

Keywords: adaptive thermal comfort, building envelope retrofitting, naturally ventilated buildings,
operative temperature


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