Active transportation in future urban environment

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    Nili, Negar
    Babb, Courtney
    Izapanahi, Parisa
    2022 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Transportation has become one of the integral components of cities that directly affect several aspects of human life, such as economy, communication, and environment. Cities are facing growing challenges and demand for urban transportation due to population growth, which causes harmful impacts on living conditions. Thus, authorities are seeking solutions to improve the urban environment and enhance living conditions. Active transportation (AT), specifically walking and cycling are valuable modes of sustainable transportation that can mitigate the environmental impacts of motorised transportation and improve urban environment and people’s health. AT could apply technologies to facilitate the mode of transportation, improve other aspects of urban environments and contribute toward urban sustainability. Adopting technology to reduce AT barriers and make it a transport option for more people with different abilities and needs could transform the urban environment into a place that is environmentally sustainable and much more liveable. This paper investigates people’s attitudes toward applying technology to increase AT. An online survey was conducted to explore general public reactions toward the applications. The general public survey results made it possible to identify which factors need more interference to meet users’ needs. This survey outcome demonstrates that applications that improve safety and facility of AT are the most encouraging. The findings provide new and updated knowledge for designers, urban planners, and decision-makers on the design system to use technology in future.

Keywords: Active transportation, Technology, Urban Environment.


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