Acoustic Design for an Auditorium Project: Using Building Performance Simulation to Enhance Architectural Quality

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    Gou, Zhonghua
    Lau, Stephen S.Y.
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This paper reports a consultancy work for an auditorium project. The consultancy work considers four important acoustic design issues for auditoria: volume and seats; control of reverberation time (RT); diffusion of sound; elimination of defects. Odeon 5.0 was used to simulate the reverberation time and sound propagation and diffusion. Case studies were used to discuss the simulation results and to propose design guidelines. For a small auditorium, the design recommendation is about how to minimize sound absorption and to achieve sufficient reverberation. Sound defects were found in the stage outlet and rear walls. The design recommendations based on the consultancy work helped architects improve their design and enhance architectural quality.


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