A Workflow of Data Integrating and Parametric Modelling in Urban Design Regulation

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    Zhang, Yingyi
    Schnabel, Marc Aurel
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


This paper presents a computer‐aided workflow that supports data integration and parametric modelling in urban design regulation. The recent urban regulations are criticised regards the inefficient
data exchange, ungearing across two‐dimensional provisions and three‐dimensional constructions, as
well as unpredictable development results. Although various attempts have been made to utilise
parametric design instruments in urban scale, most of them are only for modelling fast. This paper
proposes a parametric methodology on algorithm platforms to offer a rational workflow for urban design regulating. The workflow includes three phases: (1) data integrating, (2) form‐based regulation modelling, and (3) object‐oriented regulation modelling. Rhinoceros 3DTM, Grasshopper 3DTM, and related plug‐ins are employed as modelling and data analysing instruments. The proposed workflow is examined and evaluated through experimenting with real‐world contexts. This paper further demonstrates that parametric methodologies provide a high‐quality contribution to decision‐making and urban regulating in next 50 years.


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