A Visual Consultation Method for Understanding Spatial Use in Remote Aboriginal Housing

  • YEAR
    Farley, Holly
    Birdsall‐Jones, Chris
    Datta, Sambit
    2017 Conference Papers
    Conference Papers


Appropriate housing within remote Aboriginal communities is a chronic issue. With government funded, public housing projects aiming to procure maximum housing units for minimum cost, in the shortest period, cultural aspects of housing provision are often neglected. Insufficient and ineffective
consultation is a significant factor in the deficiencies found in the procurement of public housing situated in remote Aboriginal communities. The paper proposes that addressing spatial use patterns through community consultation in housing has the potential to enhance housing quality. Due to the time and the expense associated, individual client consultation in current procurement strategies is limited, at best, generally resulting in housing which inhibits social function and cultural expression. This paper reports on a visual consultation method to overcome the economic and time restitution of typical housing procurement in remote Aboriginal communities. The paper presents “The House Game” an interactive consultation method that facilitates the understanding of spatial use patterns. The paper demonstrates how these patterns can used for post‐occupancy evaluation and the formulation of architectural briefs for appropriate housing.


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