A Typological Approach to Daylighting Analysis

  • YEAR
    Ibrahim, N. Lukman N.
    Hayman, Simon
    Hyde, Richard
    2010 Conference Papers


ABSTRACT: A typological approach to daylighting has been an unconscious feature of past daylighting
research with the production of daylight performance diagrams and graphs in a manner similar to
traditional typological exercises, such as Ruskin’s categorical analysis of architectural elements. The
main objective of this paper is to highlight this latent connection between daylight design study and
typological analysis and provide a validation method. The paper builds on recent work by Baker and
Steemer and proposes that daylighting rules of thumb can be effectively studied by means of a
typological approach. As a result, some of the inconsistencies in current daylighting rules found in
architectural literature can be explained, promoting improved application in design.


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