A time-use study of rooms and possible impact on the design of housing for an aging population

  • YEAR
    Yavari, Fatemeh
    Vale, Brenda
    Khajehzadeh, Iman
    2016 Conference Papers
    Architectural Science, Theory, Philosophy, Society
    Conference Papers


According to Statistics New Zealand the 65+ age group is projected to increase 114.2% over the next 30 years. The results from an online questionnaire survey found these New Zealanders respectively spend 12.8% and 98.2% more than the New Zealand average at home indoors and at home outdoors. This trend has both health, in terms of stimulus exposure and sedentary behaviour, and environmental impact implications. Time-use studies assist in identifying the home environment attributes that promote physical activity and thus, the health of older people. Further analysis of the survey of time-use in various rooms found those aged 65+ have different time-use patterns for the sleeping bedrooms and study while their time-use patterns for other rooms are similar to other age groups. This again suggests particular house arrangements that are suitable for the ageing New Zealand population.


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