A self-contained model to investigate the physical behaviour of design objects

  • YEAR
    Schwede, Dirk A
    2004 Conference Papers
    Computers and architecture


ABSTRACT: A demand-oriented requirement framework for the assessment of building performance
on basis of computational simulation has been developed elsewhere (Schwede 2003). It acknowledged
the operation phase domains “energy efficiency” and “comfort”, the sequential steps in the design
process and current research in design science. In this paper a concept for an “interactive digital
building site” (simulation tool) is developed on its basis.

The concept employs the notion of a constructive language to conceive a model, which is universally
useful and context independent. Following the previous requirement framework this model is
developed to represent physical phenomena and processes in a three dimensional, highly integrated
and dynamic manner. The constructive language consists of a set of basic spatial elements, rules of
topology and rules of validity. It defines a self-contained digital model to predict and to investigate the
physical behaviour of the design object and its environment under operational conditions to support a
performance centred design approach.

The paper summarizes the requirement framework before the concept is introduced and its structure
and features are explained. At the end of the paper the current stage of model development and
prototype implementation is reported.


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